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Did you know that if you own property, you can be sued for all the following: how you evict someone, if someone is hurt on your property, and for what you disclose or fail to disclose about a property you put up for sale?

Well, all the above are true, and there are many more legal risks that property owners face. That’s why you need Integrity Law Group. We are experts in protecting property owners.

We can ensure that you are using the proper entity and have the professional contracts, disclaimers, and paperwork you need to shield your personal assets from the legal risks that accompany property ownership.

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Litigation Services

Construction defects, Residential and commercial leases, Landlord-tenant Law, Foreclosures, Financing disputes, Monetary and non-monetary defaults

Transactional Services

Preparing, negotiating and reviewing purchase and sale contracts, Residential and commercial leases, Brokerage representations for buyers and sellers, deeds

Business Real Estate Services

Real estate investment partnerships, LLC, LLP, JV and corporation formations, Operating agreements, Asset protection

Buying Property?

It is smart to have a real estate lawyer on your side when you are buying a house. That’s because there are numerous legal issues that can arise during the buying process, and having a good real estate lawyer can help ensure you make the right decisions.

Here are just a few of the areas where our legal expertise can benefit you:

Purchase Offer – We can help you write this document, or we can review an existing document to ensure it includes everything necessary to protect you. We can also ensure that the offer is completed and executed properly.

Negotiation & Purchase Agreement – We can make sure that the purchase agreement is written properly and contains all the necessary conditions. We can also help in negotiations so you get the best deal. Some areas where a good lawyer can really pay dividends include earnest money, contingencies, settlement debts, date of possession, and more.

Mortgage Approval – We can help remove the stress from this process by ensuring the proper paperwork is submitted to meet the required deadlines.

Home Inspection – We can make sure this is included in your purchase contract. If repairs are needed, we can also make sure the sellers complete them in order to move the sale forward. We can also help with any negotiations at this stage of the process as well.

Contingencies – We can help you with any contingency questions or issues that may arise so that you know the best way to proceed.

Title Insurance – We can make sure your title insurance is correct so that you are protected against any future property disputes.

Mortgage Closing – We can review all the closing documents and financial details to ensure accuracy. We can also accompany you to the closing itself to help ensure a seamless purchase or sale.

Deed – We can review the deed for accuracy and also provide legal advice for the best way to take ownership if you are married or buying the property with someone else.

Filing – We can advise you how to best file the paperwork following a real estate purchase or sale.

Integrity Law Group PLLC Real Estate Law
Integrity Law Group PLLC Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions and closings 

The closing process can be complicated, especially when commercial businesses are involved. We will assist you throughout the entire closing process. Before closing day, we will ensure that all documents are prepared and ready for execution, that funding is approved and confirm successful transfer upon closing. We will also assist you in the due diligence process, such as reviewing for outstanding liens or title defects. We will also ensure that contingencies in contracts have been satisfied.

We will also draft or review all contracts related to a real estate transaction to ensure that they are legally sound and protect your best interests, including buy-sell agreements, commercial sales contracts, lease contracts, and more.

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