Estate Planning

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Let us help you pass on your house and other assets according to your wishes – not the government’s. Let us also help you pay less in taxes to the government on any assets you own when you die.

At Integrity Law Group, we are experts in providing clients with the means to protect their assets and ensure they pass on to their designated beneficiaries.

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Estate Planning

Wills, Statutory durable power of attorney, Medical power of attorney, Declaration of guardian, Disposition of remains


Revocable living trusts, Family trusts, Irrevocable trusts

Business Succession Planning

Exit strategies, Business transfers, Business sales

When you die your ‘Estate’ (Everything you own) Needs to be redistributed

By default, that distribution is done in the probate system, where the fees are set by the court based on the value of your estate.

If you have value locked up in property, that property may have to be sold just to pay the fees for your probate processing. Also, when you die, no one can do anything with any of your stuff until the court processes your probate. That means they can’t even use any of the money to pay for funeral expenses or bills to keep the mortgage current. Your heirs will need to pay that out of their own money (if they can).

At Integrity Law Group we can show you:

How to set up a revocable living trust that will activate the moment a death certificate is received. The trust administrator of your choice can distribute, access, and manage all the assets in the trust.

Advanced life insurance options and financial maneuvers that can be taken if you become incapacitated, along with gift planning methods to reduce estate taxes.

How to shift assets to your children now so that any future appreciation or growth will be out of your estate and not subject to estate taxes, while you still maintain control.

How to form the appropriate business entity (such as LLC, LP, etc.) to protect, transfer and shield assets where appropriate.

How to protect your children against the liability risk of owning your property before they are ready and before you give them full control.

Integrity Law Group PLLC Estate Planning Law

Protect Your Business Earnings! 

Integrity Law Group is one of the top estate planning firms in Houston. We offer a team approach, that includes a certified estate planning specialist, and we can handle estates of any size, including advanced estates.

So don’t risk having your estate distributed by uncaring judges and government officials. Gain control with a trust that is fully revocable by you – you can modify it at any time!

Family dynamics can make an estate plan priceless. Be sure you’re in control before any family fights break out, or finicky judges dice up your hard-earned life savings how they see fit instead of how you would have wanted the distribution to be handled!

The last thing you should want is for your heirs to go through a nasty “will contest” and end up fighting against each other.

A will contest is a legal challenge to the validity of a will or of any of the terms of a will. Such challenges are usually posed by family members of the deceased who feel that they have been cheated out of their inheritance or some portion of their inheritance.

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A good, iron-clad estate plan can prevent a will contest and other family in-fighting from occurring. To learn more about how we can help you protect your assets and ensure a fast probate process, contact us now.

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